Monday, February 22, 2010

Playing in the snow!

We had a winter storm last night and ended up with a Snow Day today! We woke up to another 10 inches of snow! It was a nice wet snow, so it stuck to everything, including the trees. Brayden and Emily played outside for hours and had a blast playing on all the big snow piles that Kyle made when he plowed out our driveway.

Climbing one of the snow hills!

Watching their dad plow the driveway, safely from the porch.

Brayden cleaning off our truck.


Alexia said...

My boys loved the snow too! They were out playing in it for a good long time and then gave me the gift of a nap! LOL

Kristie said...

I wish we were able to get the kids out in the snow. I sent their snow pants with them to the grandparents', but they didn't take them out. Maybe we'll make it this week before it start melting too much :-)