Thursday, May 7, 2009

AWANA end of the year program

Last night was the AWANA program for James and Hannah at their Dad's church. They have both worked very hard this past year and earned their 1st book award! The program was nice. Organized very well. I grew up in AWANA myself and loved it. I am very glad that James and Hannah are able to go as well. I am hoping that a local church here in town will have a program up and running by this fall. There is talk of that happening. I really want Brayden to be able to attend AWANA, and obviously Emily too when she is old enough. Way to go James and Hannah, I am very proud of you both.

Hannah and her Best Friend Natalie

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Pam said...

The kids were glad to have you come visit their program. We love our church and am so glad that the kids got to go to AWANA every Wed. I can attest to them working very hard. They put a lot of effort into it. The best part is them having God Word hid in their heart so that they can serve HIM as they get older. Isn't that what we want the most for our kids? To live a life that pleases HIM?