Friday, May 1, 2009

Relay for Life Bracelets

A week or two ago I posted about joining a Relay for Life team! I mentioned that we are making bracelets and selling them to raise money for our team. Here is the link to that post.

I am posting a few pics of the bracelets, not the best pictures but just wanted everyone to see them. We are selling them for $3 each. If you would like one let me know and I will get one made for you. Each bracelet comes with a card explaining what each color represents on the bracelet. The colors of cancer. I am still personally trying to raise $150.00 towards my walk. If you would like to donate or join my team go to my website:

I am really looking forward to doing my 1st Relay for Life this summer.


CandiceR said...

I think that your cause (life)is a very worthy one.

Wendy said...

Thank you. It is amazing how many people are affected by cancer every day!

CandiceR said...

I've been tagged and now you're it if you want to play :)