Friday, May 8, 2009

Emily is 18 months old!

Wow, Emily is officially a year and a half! Time flies by so fast. She is a ball of energy all day long. She is very stubborn! I wonder where she got that from?? She is such a joy to be around. She is reaching that independent stage, which is bad and good at times. Her vocabulary increases weekly. Her new words this week are flower and popcorn. I am enjoying being able to actually communicate with her. You can ask her questions and most of the time she will respond with a yes or no. She loves to give kisses. Her new favorite thing is being outside or "side" as she says it. She loves exploring in our big yard. Picking flowers and rocks are her newest hobby. I am enjoying every stage she hits. It is so much fun being her Mommy, even on those days when my patience is wearing thin. I praise God for her daily, actually I praise God for all my children daily! They are such a blessing.

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