Monday, May 4, 2009

Emily has another boo boo

So I am in the kitchen making Emily and I some lunch and she is with me just hanging out. All of a sudden she starts crying, not her normal whining cry when she wants something, but a cry that a mother knows means something bad has happened. So I bend down to her and she is bleeding on her finger and is holding a small piece of glass! I got the glass away from her and grabbed her and got her to the bathroom to wash up her finger and see how bad it really is. She basically just sliced her finger, not to deep thank goodness. She has quit crying by now and I get her finger dried off and it is still bleeding. I put 2 bandaids on it. She likes them for about a minute then this is what happens when you put a bandaid on a 18 month old!
Yep the bandaids get peeled off. She has no interest in keeping the bandaid on. Luckily the bleeding has stopped. Back to the piece of glass. Saturday night a glass was broken in our kitchen. Of course you can sweep and sweep and double check that you got all the little pieces of glass, but there will always be one more little sharp piece that your little one will find. Of course I feel horrible that it happened, that mommy guilt thing, but I am glad it was not worse and I am sure we will encounter many more boo boos in the years to come. Emily is now down for a nap. I am going to go and sweep the kitchen floor one more time, or maybe two more times!!

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