Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our busy day outside

Yesterday Kyle had a day off from work and the weather was beautiful so we decided it was a great day to work on some outdoor projects.

First Kyle borrowed his Uncle's backhoe so we could dig up some old bushes in front of our house. After he dug them out we racked and cleaned up the mess! The house had to be cleaned. We then went to an old rock pile on his family's property and picked out big rocks to make our rock border for the new flower bed. It is looking good. We need a few more rocks and will be getting some dirt. We need about 4 yards to make it look good. I can't wait to put some plants and flowers in. I will be moving some perennials that I already have into it too. Eventually we will be removing the old cement front porch and build a little deck off the front. We also need to repaint all the windowsills this summer.

We also planted the 2 trees that Kyle got me for Mother's day. He took me to The Flower Garden on Sunday and I picked out 2 of the Robinson Crab apple trees. They flower a deep pinkish purple flower in the Spring. We also started our garden. We planted the onion sets and our red potato's. We will wait a little while longer until we plant the rest, due to the worry that it will still frost.

So we had a great day outside. We all got a little sun and very dirty. Emily had to have 2 baths yesterday! I am so glad winter is over and we can be outside. We are also planning on building a large deck off the back of our house this summer! I will post more pics of the new flower bed when it is complete.

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