Monday, January 4, 2010

Friends with the ex?

My cutie pie stepson Brayden!

I get this question all the time! You actually get along with your husband's ex wife?

The answer is yes! Now I will admit she is far from being my best friend, but we get along great. I decided a long time ago that not getting along with her was not an option. It really is the best thing for my stepson Brayden. He needs to see the adults/parents/stepparents functioning normally (whatever that is). We usually talk to each other every few days about schedules, school, sports or just to chit chat about mom things.

I guess I was really thinking about this today because Brayden's real mom (I am his mom too as he likes to inform me and others) is having a baby on Wednesday morning. I will be taking Brayden to the Hospital after school to meet his newest baby sister! (isn't that nice of me) I of course get to hold the baby too, which is a bonus! (and will probably only worsen the urge to have another, sorry Kyle)

I would like to encourage anyone who is in the same situation to really try to get along with the ex. It really is the best thing for the child involved!

Anyone else doing this too??


AmberRay said...

I think that is great Wendy. I get along with my son's stepmom pretty good. Although my son tells me that she is mean.
I knew her before she married Kellan's dad. Maybe she doesn't have patience for children that are not hers or something.
She has one son a few years older than mine and they have a daughter together that is almost one.
His dad also has a daughter with another woman that is a few years older than Kellan. I am pretty good friends with her now too. Anyway I go out of my way to get along because I think it is important for the children.

blueviolet said...

I'm not in a situation that would require that, but I am in awe of you for being able to do it. I think it speaks volumes about your character. I KNEW you were a lovely lady!

Sarah said...

How wonderful! You are setting a great example for your son. What a strong and open minded person you are!
Visiting from Community of Moms and am now following!

Pam said...

Hey! I do that! :) It really helps that you're easy to get along with :) Sharing kids is hard but there is no reason to make it any harder on the kids.
Thanks for making it so easy and nice.

Wendy said...

Hey Pam, I totally agree. =) I am glad your so easy to get along with as well. I know that it makes the kids happy to see us get along and talk. We really have it good. I hear a lot of bad stories of people not getting along. =(