Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let Potty Training begin....

Now that the busyness of the Holidays is over, I have decided that it is time to begin potty training Emily! (lucky me)

She just turned 26 months old and I know that she is and has been ready now for a couple months. I just needed to commit to doing it and stick to it! I will admit it is probably one of my most hated stages in child rearing (so far). The potty training part at home is not that bad, but leaving the house with only underwear on those first few times is not fun! It seems like just as you get them in their car seats and your driving down the road they inform you they need to go potty!

You would think I would not dread this process so much. I have lots of experience in potty training. I have 2 older children and I ran a daycare out of my home for about 5 years. My older 2 kids were both close to 2 1/2 when they were potty trained and it was fairly easy. I would guess that I have helped potty train at least 10 kids!

Emily did really well today. I put her in big girl Dora panties around noon today and she only had one accident! I would say that one accident in about 9 hours is great! She even went potty right before bed tonight.

The funniest thing about her using the big girl potty is when she is trying so hard to go potty and makes herself toot! She will laugh so hard and say "I tooted"! She is very amused with herself and I of course can't help but laugh along with her. She is so cute!

My plan for tomorrow is to put her in panties or a pull up after we get up and only use a diaper when we leave the house or she is sleeping. I think she will figure this (dreaded)potty training thing out fairly quick.

Anyone have any great potty training tips that have worked for them?

Wish me luck!! :)


Robinsgothealth.com said...

I don't have any potty training ideas. I was lousy at it with my son. He did well with #1 but #2 was frustrating to say the least. Good luck it will eventually come to pass and you will possibly miss it or not...smile!

Yours in Health,

Kim said...

Loved the story of her "tooting". Don't have any tips. Just have the one kid myself and I have to agree with Robin...#1 was easy but #2 was a pain in the .... well you know. :)