Monday, January 25, 2010

Let the demo begin...

I am so EXCITED! We are finally starting the big demo of our kitchen and dining room! We have been planning on doing this for a couple years now. Last year our big project was our basement. We finished it with 2 new bedrooms and a family room.

Our kitchen/dining room right now is one big room with the kitchen part being really small (like small apartment size). We are moving our kitchen to the other side of the room, taking out the huge window and replacing it with a door (we will be building a deck off the back hopefully this summer). Where our kitchen is right now will become our dining room and we are opening up the wall between the kitchen/dining room and living room. This will make it more of an open floor plan. We are replacing the current floor and instead of spending thousands on new cupboards we are going to move the ones we have and sand and paint them. I actually really like our cupboards now, they have a nice decorated design to them.

It will be so nice to have a bigger kitchen and to not be so shut off from the rest of the house. I know it will be a mess for awhile but it is so worth it when we are finished!

I will be blogging with photos through out our demo.

Gotta love the "beautiful old flooring that I believe is the original from when it was built in the 70's. Sad thing is I actually like it better right now than the old, dirty carpet that has been in this house for years!

Emily did not want to walk on the dirty floor so she put my shoes on!


Amy Driehorst said...

We remodeled our kitchen this summer. We won a kitchen makeover contest which was a lot of fun!

It's chaotic to say the least, but sooo worth it when it's done.

The experience is what actually spurred me on to start my blog. Most of my first posts were about the contest/remodel.

Have fun!

Kristie said...

How exciting! We've been wanting to do things with our old house too (it was built in the 30's), but things keep needing fixing that we didn't plan on, so all the fun stuff has had to be pushed back. I can't wait to see how your big project goes though. I'll watch and dream of it one day happening here ;-)

Together We Save said...

Deomo work is exciting!! Good luck!!