Saturday, January 30, 2010

So many decisions....

The kitchen/dining room construction is going well and we (my hubby) got a lot done this week. He is currently finishing the drywall that he put up yesterday.

We went to Menard's tonight to try to make some decisions on counter top, a new sink, lighting, paint and a door that will lead to our back yard (with a new deck, hopefully this summer). Thankfully, my parents kept Emily for us since I think we were in the store for over 2 hours! So many decisions, you kind of get a little overwhelmed! Our plan is to order the counter top this week, we need to get some final measurements.

When we got home we did make some final decisions (at least I think we did). We are pretty certain on the color we are going to paint the cupboards. We did a trial run and Kyle painted one tonight. We also finalized the choice for our counter top!

I know that in the end it will look good, but it is so hard to visualize it when the room is a mess and nothing is put together.

I will post some new photos this coming week.

Off to bed, Brayden has a wrestling meet in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I do look forward to household projects. I like the fee of accomplishment and it usually makes the house look better as well.

Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!!

Kristie said...

Those decisions are tough aren't they! When we fixed up our bathroom, we must have ended up at Lowes 20 times! LOL! It is definitely worth it in the end! :-)