Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Week in Photos..... 3/24/13

Here are a few photos from my phone that were taken over the past week!  Enjoy!  :)

A self taken photo of my beautiful oldest daughter Hannah!  She takes them once in awhile and I enjoy finding them on my phone. 

Our adorable spoiled rotten bloodhound puppy, Molly!  She loves pillows!

Emily and her 96 year old Great Grandpa picking up pine cones together this morning!

All the pine cones that were collected today while we were cutting up a pine tree that had fallen at my hubby's Grandpa's house!

Emily's choice of clothing for the afternoon!  She was hot after playing Kinect and changed her clothes!

 Me, on the day I ran a mile straight!  It was really cold and was snowing out!  Didn't let a little weather keep me inside.

 Have you heard of the show called "Pass Time" on the Speed Channel?  Well, my 5 year old daughter, Emily, loves this show and begs to watch it with her Dad every day.  She loves the cars and guessing how quickly each car will make the pass!

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Kristie said...

Great pics! I love the one with your grandfather! How awesome for him to be doing so well at 96! :-)