Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tattoos and Hunting!

So I am toying with the idea of getting a tattoo! It's on my bucket list!   I have wanted one for awhile now, but have always had the fear that I would pick something that I wouldn't like after a few years.  I don't want to go with the standard tattoo, like a butterfly, flower or heart.  I want something that represents something I love, or love doing. 

So I am 99% sure I want to get a set of deer antlers on my shoulder.  Your probably thinking I am crazy, but I happen to love to hunt deer, it's probably one of my absolute favorite things to do!  I spend a good solid 2 months (well, not 2 months straight!) in my tree stand every fall, more time than my hubby. I bow and gun hunt.   I love, love, love everything about it!  I love my time alone, time in the woods and time I can spend talking to God! Another bonus is that my 2 sons are starting to hunt as well so I get to pass my love of hunting on to them and spend time in the blind with each of them.  I also like that I can help provide food for my family!  :)

So below, are two ideas I have so far.  Do you like them?

Do you have a tattoo or several?  What?  Is their a story behind any of them?  :)

I like this one, but think I would like some pink with it!

I like this design too, with the pink!

Here is my tall spike I got last fall!  I also got a doe, both were taken during gun season.

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Lindsay said...

I think adding some pink to it will give it a girly twist it needs! I have three tattoos, one on each foot and one on my left side near my hip/stomach area. The one on my stomach is just an L with two little butterflies. It doesn't really have a meaning but something I really liked when I was 19. The tattoo on my right foot is my sorority letters in my own hand writing. I had been doodling it in class for about a year before I decided to get it as a tattoo. To me it symbolizes how much I've grown and learned being part of an amazing organization and a constant reminder of my sisterhood. One of my sisters got it done with me so we are twinkies. The one on my left foot is a version of an infinity symbol with three stars. It was inspired by my friendship with two of my girls back home. Good luck deciding :-)