Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekly Weight In and My Non-Scale Victory

Stepped on the scale this morning to find I had lost again, but only about 0.6 of a lb.  Thought I would see more, but have to remind myself that it is still a loss.  I didn't get as much activity in as I would have liked last week and I also had a not so good eating weekend! 

Weekends are my worst.  My hubby is home and we tend to have a higher fat and calorie breakfast.  We had dinner out once and I ordered bad (pulled pork and fries, but they were oh so good).  I also ended up eating frozen pizza, not once, but 2 TIMES!  I'm telling ya, pizza is my thing.  I LOVE IT, like honestly you could put sauce, cheese and pepperoni on a piece of cardboard and I would eat it (hangs head in shame)!

Anyways, all in all it wasn't a bad week.  Had a loss, tried out a new Zumba class that I loved and plan on going back to at least once a week.  I have noticed that my jeans are feeling a little looser again, so that's awesome!

I did have a great Non-Scale victory this past week.  Yesterday I went for my wog (walk/jog).  I always start out walking until I am warmed up then I add some jogging in.  I am not a jogger/runner.  Never have been, but it does feel natural to me now to jog at times.  I have never really ever jogged more than .4 of a mile straight since I started walking regularly last year, which isn't much, but for me it's good since I use to have a hard time jogging to my mailbox and back.

Anyways, yesterday, I was feeling good, the sun was shining, I had some rocking music in my ears and I decided that I was going to push myself a little harder this time and go a little further than I usually do.  Well, I ended up running .8 of a mile straight!  That's almost a mile!  I should have kept running because once I got past the leg pain and heavy breathing, I actually felt pretty good and it felt natural.  I stopped once I got to my driveway.  Still a little mad about that, but still really happy with what I accomplished.  I honestly haven't ran that much straight since gym class in high school which was a loooonnnnggggg time ago!  ;)

So I might not have lost as much as I wanted last week, but in my mind, I am getting stronger, fitter and healthier every day!  A year ago, I was 50 lbs heavier, a whole lot lazier, couldn't barely walk a mile without shin splints and was stuffing my face with whatever I wanted all day long!

So I will remind myself when I feel discouraged that "the scales aren't telling me the whole story"!  

For any of you that might be working on fitness, etc., did you have a non-scale success this week?  Share it with me! 


Lindsay said...

I love non-scale victories! I just measured my BMI & body fat percentages yesterday and it's down from where it was a month and a half ago. On top of that, I have to tighten my belt to a smaller loop. Love it!

Kristie said...

That's awesome that you ran so far! You should definitely be proud of that! I LOVE running, but I don't know that I could go that far now that it's been since fall that I always takes me a little while to build my endurance back up when the weather gets nice :-) (And even then I only go 2 miles.)