Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Letters!


Today I am linking up with The Sweet Season Blog for Friday's Letters!

Dear Sunshine, Thank you so much for shining these past 2 days.  While I love to see you and enjoy the warmer days, I  am not enjoying the view of dirty windows!  I highly dislike cleaning windows and honestly don't see the point with a 3 1/2 month old puppy that likes to lick, smell and jump on my back sliding window.

Dear Verizon, I am over dealing with my phone that you updated (read: against my will) and it now only works when it chooses.  If I worked the way it does, I would be fired.  I secretly have visions of how I want to get rid of my phone.  Can't decide if I want to throw it at a street sign going 60 mph down the road, smash it with a hammer or flush it down the toilet! They all sound wonderful! ;)

Dear Scales:  I am very happy with you this morning!  I love stepping on you and you telling me I weigh less than I did on Monday!  You are my newest BFF (at least until you tell me that I have gained, then I will put you in the same category with above phone)!  You don't want to do that, mmmmmkay!

Dear Spring Cleaning,
  I love making list and really enjoyed making my spring cleaning list, but honestly I just don't have it in me lately to go above and beyond my normal cleaning.  Yes, I know it needs to be done, but thinking it won't happen over Spring Break.  I think spending time with my family and friends sounds way more fun.

Dear Molly (our adorable new bloodhound puppy), I am so in love with you and so happy to have you be a part of our family.  However, I don't enjoy the little messes you continue to make.  I  don't like a dirty kitchen floor and every time you go outside, you come back in with your cute little dirty paws and leave your cute, but humongous footprints all over it! I feel like I have my spray mop in my hand all day long. Speaking of ginormous.  How is it possible for you to grow so much every week.  I know you are going to be a big dog, but I am already missing my cute little puppy that I could carry around.  Not to mention the large amounts of dog food that you continue to ingest daily.  Your lucky your so cute! 

Dear Easter, You totally snuck up on me this year!  I didn't even get any decorations out this year, besides all the cute crafts that Emily has made at school.  At this point I won't be going to the basement to dig around in the dust and cobwebs to look for my Easter tote.  Maybe next year. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone and Happy Easter!  :)

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Kristie said...

I'm loving the sunshine too! It's keeping me motivated! ;-)

Our puppy is growing fast too! But I think she'll probably be smaller full grown that what Molly was when you got her-lol! They're so cute and easy to love, aren't they!? :-)

Easter snuck up on us too...we just got our decor out Wed night and I didn't even want to do it then-LOL! We needed to get the baskets eventually though ;-)