Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Working on moving more and new fashion trends!

Day 3 of getting some type of exercise in for me!  I know, that's not much, but considering that I really haven't worked out more than one day a week since last fall, it is a start!  Got 2 decent walks/jogs in Monday and Tuesday and tonight went to a body sculpting class that I try to attend every week! Tonight's class kicked my booty, as usual!  I was sweating, huffing and puffing, but I pushed myself and although I am tired and already hurting, I feel great (ask me how I feel by Friday and I might not be so sure)!

My eating has been good this week, not officially doing Weight Watchers again (will be soon), but I learned enough the last time around that I can do it pretty well on my own.

I am a size 12 right now or in juniors I can wear an 11 or 13. I am aiming for a size 8 right now!  I am thinking about going to Goodwill and buying a pair of cute 8 jeans so I have a goal pair to get into!  I had a pair of size 13 (use to be a 18/20) jeans that I was using last year when I started losing weight and it helped to have something to try on every couple weeks, to see the progression of not even being able to get them up past my thighs to getting them on and then eventually zipping them up and rocking them!  :)

Ending tonight's post with something rather random, but as I was heading to bed last night I went to take off my earrings (cute silver hoops) and realized that I was missing one!  :(  Looked all over, thinking it probably came off before I took a shower and couldn't find it.  Starting thinking about when and where it had fallen and how long I was walking around with one earring (looking all dumb with one hoop in)!!  They are not small, so you would definitely notice me with one earring in, and not one person said anything!  They were probably just trying to be nice, while secretly wondering why I would make that fashion choice!

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