Thursday, March 14, 2013

Got my WOG in today!

Today was a little warmer than the past couple days here in Michigan and by that I mean it was in the 30's, the sun was a shining and the wind wasn't blowing!  I had a busy morning, but told myself when I got home that I really needed to take advantage of the natural Vitamin D and head outside for awhile.  I prefer being outdoors, especially when I want to get some exercise in.

I love the dirt road I live on.  It's so nice to walk on.  Low traffic and you almost always see wildlife.  I love country living!  Can't wait till Spring so everything comes alive.  It's so dreary out right now.

It started out a little chilly.  I was dressed in yoga Capri pants, a tank top and a sweatshirt.  I had to pull my hands up inside my sleeves for the first half mile or so, but once I got moving I warmed right up!  

 Gotta wear shades....... 

Not sure exactly how far and how quickly I was moving because I am having phone issues right now and my phone shut off (yes, it does that randomly throughout the day and it's super fun, insert sarcasm) about half way through and I lost my Map My Run Data!  :( 

So I can't call myself strictly a walker or strictly a jogger since I do both right now.  It feels natural to jog after I have walked a bit and warmed up, but I can't run much more than a half mile at a time right now.  So today while I was out walking and jogging I decided that I would just say WOG instead of walk/jog! Yes, I talk (sing along to my music) while I wog, doesn't everybody?  Maybe it will catch on and everyone will start saying it, but probably not.  I'm a dork!

I was proud of myself today because there is this pretty big hill that I usually walk up but I was already jogging and I told myself I was going to jog up it today and I did!  It burned and hurt, but felt really good!  

So all in all I had a great day.  Got some exercise in and ate really well.  Although, I will tell you that I had to stare at the evil temptation of cake tonight!  I am Emily's Daisy Scout leader and we had a meeting tonight.  It was one of the girl's birthdays today and she brought cake and cupcakes.  I love me some cake ( and doughnuts and brownies), like seriously have a hard time turning it down.  I did great at the meeting but somehow ended up bringing the leftover cake home, thanks to my beautiful daughter Emily.  I served her a piece tonight and it smelled so good.  I ended up taking one bite and that was all I had. It took a ton of willpower to not devour the entire cake! I had some fruit and am feeling pretty good!  Now, if my hubby doesn't eat the rest or have a piece, I will be throwing the rest in the trash.  I can't be trusted with it tomorrow.  I won't try to eat it if it has been in the trash.  ;)

Doesn't it look sooooo good??

 Let's see how the weekend goes, it's usually my hardest with eating.  Just taking it one meal at a time, one day at a time....


Kristie said...

Good for you getting out and walking already! It's just cold enough here that the roads aren't mud, so it'd be a great time to do it!

A little off subject, but I was curious about your Daisy Scouts...I JUST signed Morgan up for community Daisy scouts last night (it's free until September.) Do you know much about the community scouts? I'm leary about it because I kinda wanted her in a troop with other girls. Is being a leader extremely time consuming if I were to start a troop?

Wendy said...

I honestly have never heard of the community scouts. I love being Emily's leader. It is a little overwhelming in the beginning, but once you get your meetings planned out it isn't so bad. Having a co-leader makes it so much better. I didn't have one the first couple months. Once I had another parent volunteer it really took the pressure off. We had a great time getting together one long afternoon and planning out the rest of the year meetings. We only meet 2 times a month for an hour at a time. Let me know if you decide to sign up. I might be able to help give you some ideas or pointers! Emily loves girl scouts so much. :)